Shannon Churchwell 

Nevada Assembly District 34

"Hope is that feeling and knowing that there's reason for gratitude in the now and better days are coming. We are in this together."

Shannon Churchwell 

Together we are Nevada STRONG!!!

Together we fight, together we win!!


It's time that Nevadans face the fact that we need a new approach to how publicly funded education in our state works. Recently the CCSD Superintendent, Jesus Jara, stated that "2/3 of 3rd grade students are not proficient in reading by grade 3." My friends it gets no better as they get older. ARE THESE THE RESULTS THAT TAXPAYERS ARE SATISFIED WITH? It's time for a change from the liberal incumbent and the liberal approach. I will advocate as a legislator for school choice and better options for our young scholars.  I'll advocate for smaller class sizes and fair teacher to student ratios.

Allow me to introduce myself and why I'm running for Nevada State Assembly District 34.

I'm Shannon Churchwell. I am a nurse, a family woman, a community advocate, and a proud conservative. I AM your neighbor.

My parents were Southern born, but were raised, met and married in Oregon. They moved to Philadelphia to care for my aging great grandfather and that's where I was born and raised. I moved to Nevada 10 years ago and it has been home to my family ever since. 

I'm a nurse,  mother, and  community advocate. I AM your neighbor.

I'm running to protect our freedom and democracy. I am running to represent the working families, the children, seniors,  professionals and small business owners of Assembly District 34. We deserve a representative that knows and understands us and who will not only care, but can FEEL the effects of the decisions made in Carson City. 

I believe that we need bold new fresh conservative leadership and perspectives not overpowering far left control tactics and policies that take away our freedom and autonomy.

I am a proud conservative who believes in small efficient government, responsibility,  transparency, and accountability.

I'm running as a Republican for Assembly District 34 to add balance to our legislature. We must push back on the erosion of our freedoms, dispel the stereotypes and lack of respect for law enforcement by building lasting community relationships,  strengthen publicly funded education, and protect the American dream for all Nevadans.

We must restore faith in our public institutions, constitution, and each other to know what's best for ourselves and our families.

I'll lead with compassion, care,  and common sense. 

God Bless America, God Bless Nevada


Shannon Churchwell 

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